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City of Big Rapids

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Hemlock Park Improvement Project Donation Form (#PLAYBIG)

Project Mission:  To enhance the quality of life in the heart of our City by providing accessible recreational facilities that foster a more healthy and vibrant community for all.

Project Goals:  This project, estimated to cost $750,000, will improve or add multiple features to Hemlock Park.  There will be a new Splash Pad, Kayak Launch, Pickleball Courts, Basketball Courts and the renovation of the Tennis Courts.

Information:  This is a multi-part project and is sponsored overall by the Hemlock Park Improvement Project committee.  Fundraising has begun.  More information on fundraising and how you can make a donation to the project is listed below.

Sponsorship:  There are multiple sponsorship opportunities.  You can donate to a specific aspect of the project or you can donate to the project overall.  The Hemlock Park Improvement Project is qualified under Sec 170(b1)(1)(A) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.  City of Big Rapids Tax ID - #38-6004663.

Overall Project Sponsorship:  Jon Coles - 231-250-4082 or

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